Is History repeating itself?   You Decide!!



With the current financial and real estate melt down, an opportunity has been created like never before in history.  Times are scary right now for the average person but for those that know how to capitalize on this current market it is a dream come true.  The real estate market moves in 20-year cycles (appx). Currently we are in a Down Cycle and this is THE perfect time to invest in real estate!  There are thousands of under-valued properties--many in your area--ready to be purchased far below market value. The recent rise in distressed properties is an amazing opportunity for you to achieve the life you and your family deserve.  The key is to take advantage of these conditions NOW before the market takes an inevitable up-turn.
If we look to the past, we will see that history has a tendency to repeat itself.  More people became millionaires during the Great Depression than in any other time in American history. Savvy entrepreneurs edged in and positioned themselves for when the economic climate improved. Visionary business people knew that real estate values would go up in the future and when they did, they used the equity to leverage their business growth and expansions. Those wise folks were not caught up in the stock market frenzy in the 1920s, saved their cash, and were well positioned to purchase bankrupt businesses at bargain prices and became millionaires as a result. 


If history is any indicator of what could happen after a recession or even a depression, we could be seeing another stream of future millionaires creating their legacy right now. The big question is, what are you doing to make this happen for you?
Opportunity abounds in this economic climate –but only for those “in-the-know.”
The down side to all of the popularity is that many individuals are jumping at the chance to make money through real estate and finding a lot of trouble, heartache and misfortune along the way. This misfortune is due to improper education and/or incomplete knowledge of investing in real estate. Granted there are now thousands of “Gurus” out there selling their books, DVDs and Audio CDs for you to buy that convince you they can give you exactly what you need to become rich from investing in real estate and make it sound so easy!  This industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, so whether you're brand new to real estate investing, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, the best way to reduce risk and boost confidence is through education. 
If you are a professional that has the desire and commitment necessary to take your career to the next level, we invite you to join us and learn from real estate investors that are helping people like you secure their retirement through real estate!.  This is a FREE Investor Forum real estate workshop located at our office in Downers Grove, IL.  We are a group of real estate investors who buy and sell houses through various acquisition and exit strategies. We are not realtors® or associated with any real estate agency.
 Hear real stories from local investors and see real examples of deals being done in the Chicago land area.  This will be a content rich event where you will learn the nuts and bolts so you can take advantage of what is happening in the market RIGHT NOW!  

What you will learn:

How to recession proof your future


How to inflation proof your future


Understanding real assets  


Why Real Estate


The four levels of Real Estate


Market timing


Where the opportunity is in RE today: REO’s, Short Sales, Auctions, Foreclosures


What you need to do to earn $132,337.30  in the next 73 days


What you need to do to make over $2,000,000 in the next 37 months


Who should attend:
No matter what your level of investing experience--you will learn the strategies and methods it takes to become a successful real estate investor.
If you are interested in making money in real estate investing you need to be a part of the Investor Forum workshop.  Regular attendees include:


* First-time investors

* Savvy, experienced investors

* Business Owners

* Real estate agents

* Mortgage brokers

* Former stock investors

* Insurance agents

* Financial planners

* Attorneys & CPAs

* Property managers

* Contractors